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Marilyn has conducted seminars for the past 25 years for a wide range of organizations and corporations. She has always been in demand as a keynote speaker and shapes her dynamic talks to her specific audiences. Sample titles are:

"Wealthy Women: Love, Money and Power"
"Privilege and Entitlement: Hidden Variables in Family Offices"
"Women, Wealth and Philanthropy"
"Family Communication and Family Dynamics: Bridging the Connection"
"Shaping Family Resilience: Money, Love and Power"
"Awakening the Spirit"
"Leadership: Leading from Within"
"Leadership: Its Value and Meaning"
"From Personal Change to Corporate Transformation"
"Igniting the Spirit at Work"
"Women on the Summit -- Women's Leadership Development"
"The Challenge of Commitment -- the Journey to Bedrock"
"Invisible Loyalties at Work: The Haunting of American Business"
"Work and Family - the Balancing Act"
"He Said, She Said: Women and Men Talking Together"
"Women Growing Wiser" Seminars
"Spirits Unfolding" Seminars
"The Challenge of Change" Seminars
"Adventure is an Attitude"

"May the Inward and Outward Be as One"    Socrates